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Erin has over 17 years experience working as a coach in some of the most cutting edge programs including large public universities, state of the art hospitals, non-profit organizations and private businesses. She holds a bachelor's degree in communications and a master's degree is health and wellness coaching.


Erin has a true passion for communications and a heart for coaching. She helps clients communicate better with themselves and with others while building their overall well-being. Breathe Well clients move from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unequipped to feeling more peaceful, empowered, and fulfilled in life.

Erin is a life-long learner and holds various professional certifications. She is a certified life coach (CLC), registered yoga teacher and yoga educator (ERYT ) and mindfulness and breathwork coach (YBBC). 

In 2020 Erin founded Breathe Well LLC with one goal in mind to help other's speak, breathe and live well. Coaching this is her mission and joy in life. 


I've been there...


 My life and faith have taught me that every moment filled with doubt, pain, anxiety, disappointment, or pressure can be used as a catalyst for growth.


Going through challenges or "bad" things in life has given me more resiliency and a better capacity to help others.

As a coach, I educate, support, and hold you accountable to take action. Your path towards personal and professional development is worth the effort. You are worth the effort.


Coach E

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